Nieznana rozmowa z Ryszardem Kapuścińskim z 1991 opublikowana w marcu 2014 przez 92Y/The Paris Review

Opublikowana po raz pierwszy w marcu 2014 przez 92Y/The Paris Review rozmowa z Kapu z 9 grudnia 1991 w Nowym Jorku (92Y). Wiele nowych informacji.

This conversation between Scott Malcolmson and Ryszard Kapuściński, part of a collaboration between 92Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center and The Paris Review, was recorded live at 92Y on December 9, 1991. We are able to share this recording thanks to a generous gift in memory of Christopher Lightfoot Walker, longtime friend of the Poetry Center and The Paris Review. An interview with Kapuściński has not appeared in The Paris Review.